A Tour of our Soap-making "Base of Operations"

Welcome to our new soap-making "base of operations" here in Seattle. When I first starting making soap as a hobby more than 10 years ago, my upstairs home kitchen was the place for all the action, both for making my soaps, bain bombes and liquid soap as well as for teaching my soap-making classes.

It was a whole lot of fun, but the challenge was that whole kitchen was taken over by soap-making and not much else could go on with me and my family, even more important to me than my soap-making business.

That's when we decided to re-model our entire basement into our newly expanded soap-making "base of operations'". Notice that we still don't use the name "factory" here, because everything is strictly hand-made here, and we intentionally produce our products slowly and carefully in "guild-like" fashsion so that we can constantly maintain high standards of quality and product excellence... most definitely not a "factory" in terms of the exceptional quality we can deliveru...but an expanded home-based production environment. Our new soap-making "base of operations" is a better term.

Paula with Soap Pot.
Here I am stopping to look up from tending to the "brew" in my newly expanded soap-making "base of operations"... that now takes up the entire basement of my Seattle-based home....it helped out get our upstairs family kitchen back.... and allowed us to expand, while maintaining our quality.

Stirring the Ingredients

Soap-making really is my passion. I like just about everything about it, the ingredients, the aromas, and even the magic of the chemistry.

Here I start by putting all the preliminary incredients in to large pot and start heat them up until just the right temperature.

The ingredients that we use in our soaps, the oils and the essential oils and botanicals are the finest in the world. Here we are using the finest virgin olive oil that we purchase by the case.

Many of the essential aromatic oils that we use are distilled from natural products themselves, and like perfume made from many, many flowers are very expensive....but luxurious.

So that's why we use them, because of their aromatherapeutic value. We also use dried flowers, oatmeal, loofa, spices, and even ground espresso coffee beans in some of our soaps.


Music Center

One of the secrets to the pace of our product process has to do with the kind of music I like to listen to.

Our combination FM radio, cassette tape and CD player is likely to be on, enhancing the rhythm of our soap-making, and bombe-making activities.

We keep a stack of CD's right there when we want to listen to some of our favorite music.

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