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Dear Friends:

Thank you for your interest in my products. I started making soap for Christmas gifts more than twenty years ago, and haven't stopped. Hundreds of batches later, I still enjoy making it all! New fragrances and packaging ideas are still exciting, and ideas for new products tickle my imagination. I always look forward to meeting you personally at craft shows and festivals.

All of these natural gentle soaps both bar and liquid, are still made in my home, with the help of very special nieces, workers and friends. Our soaps provide a creamy, responsive lather, and the both the liquids and bars last two to three times as long as commercial soaps. The natural abundance of glycerin in our hand made soaps means they will be gentle to even the most delicate, sensitive skin. Each type has a carefully researched combination of emollients and scents. The ingredients are of the highest quality: olive, almond, and coconut oils, true essential oils, etc.

The Bain Bombe (bath bombs or fizzies) are also hand made from my own recipes. We insure that they are Ph balanced for even the most delicate skin, and we add Vitamin E. If you haven't yet made time for a relaxing bath with one of these - DO! We change the selections of essential oils and fragrance blends more frequently with these, so be sure to ask what's new.

We maintain Paula's Soaps as an earth-friendly, home based business, with the highest possible standards. We hope you will enjoy our products. They are guaranteed absolutely.

Email: andergib@sprynet.com 

Sincerely yours,

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