Paula's Soaps of Seattle, Wa

Welcome to the new!

After way too many years, we finally have a new look, better photos and easier navigation too.

My goal is to appeal to all of our senses. Our products should smell heavenly with aromatherapy grade essential oils where available. They should please your eyes with charming tints and flower petals.
Most importantly, all my products must feel extraordinarily gentle and helpful to your skin.
There is also pleasure to be taken from the murmur of a bath bombe fizzling, and the anticipatory delight of running water for a shower or bath.

There are new products now too!
We have gained the expertise Ė and found the time - to add skincare items to my lineup.
The salves and body butters have been met with an enthusiastic satisfaction from the customers who have tried them. I hope to continue to tantalize you with additional products and ideas. If you'd like to hear about what is in development, please join our e-mail list.

Enjoy these and celebrate yourself with some of our great products. The pleasure of a relaxing bath, or a healing, scented soap makes a deposit in our emotional bank account, and thatís a bonus when life demands withdrawals.
And, if you are looking for a gift to celebrate someone else, Weíre happy to send something on for you.

You can also use this site to locate the festivals and craft shows in which we participate.

I hope you enjoy our new website... and please e-mail or call us if you have questions or comments

- Paula Gibbons

Featured Items

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Bar Soaps  Lavender Sage Soap - 2.5 Oz Round Bar
The crispness of true lavender essential oil is perfectly matched to the earthy, open scent of clary sage in this beautiful pale lavender castile bar. We added jojoba oil and aloe vera for their anti-inflamnatory properties and complex B and E vitam...
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Bath Bombes  Lemon Verbena Bath Bombe - Heart-shaped
The fresh sweet scent of Lemon Verbena has been celebrated and enjoyed for centuries; Virgil called it rich and holy.

Be enchanted in your bath as well, with flower petals afloat. Our bombes are Ph balanced to be a safe way to soak, and you wil...
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Gift Suggestions  Florals Gift Carton
Three lovely 2.5 oz bars of soap featuring classic floral scents packaged in an elegant laser cut gift carton, and tied with hand dyed silk ribbons.

This set includes softly shaded pink Tea Rose, dappled blue and lavender colored Lilac, and cheer...
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Skin Care  Dream Cream Body Butter 2.8 oz Tin
Our Dream Cream whipped body butter is an intensely moisturizing treat for needy skin. With the power of nutrient rich jojoba oil, and creamy hypo-allergenic shea butter, itís a meltingly wonderful whipped cream dream come true for stressed out ski...
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